Notes pt. 2.

So, somehow, it managed to slip my mind that I didn’t have a picture queued up for today, and, in an effort to keep posting every day, I thought I’d actually write something by way of definition about this blog.

So, note pt 1: Camera.

All of my pictures are taken with a Canon Powershot SX 100. As much as I’d like a dSRL, my funds won’t allow it at the moment, and, quite frankly, I don’t know how necessary it is. My philosophy is that it’s the photographer that makes the camera, not the camera that makes the photographer. Yes, it would be easier to get the shots that I want with a more powerful and precise camera, but at the same time, I can control focus, aperture, light balance,  and shutter speed on my little camera–if, granted, not to the extent that I’d be able to with a dSRL.  And I have to say, it’s nice to have a camera that I can slip into my pocket.


Not pt 2: Lack of text.

When I first started putting together this blog, I did a little write up for each photograph. I though about it for a moment, then deleted them all. If my pictures don’t speak for themselves, then I have failed as a photographer. Besides, when I look at other people’s photo blogs, I generally skim or skip the text, and just look at the pictures.

Come to think of it, that’s how I “read” the National Geographic too.

Anyway, I decided to continue with this once my portfolio was finished. If nothing else, it gives me a chuckle when the spammers pop up talking about how well written and though out a particular post was.

So, tomorrow, stay tuned for our regular updates. And thank you again for stopping by.


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